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Eggs from the American Museum of Natural History photographed by Alex Krstevski

We study the function and evolution of natural colors. The majority of our research involves co-evolutionary interactions and animal signals. Students in my lab study in the field, in the museum, and in the laboratory.

Lab members

Click the link below to learn more about our team, and lab alumni. We have been fortunate to have had a wonderful group of scientists. Learn more about our lab here.


Our research has been highlighted in a range of international outlets. Keep up to date on all our recent media and success of our students here. See something you like? Please share it!


Students frequently publish in top peer-reviewed journals, while enjoying research in the field and at internationally renowned natural history museums. Keep up to date on all of our publications here.


Interested in joining the Hanley Color Lab? Please use the link below to learn more about applying for current opportunities in our lab


I teach Ecology and Evolution as well as Population Ecology. Here you can find information and a range of resources related to my teaching and role as a science educator. Keep up to date with the tools, techniques, and approaches I develop for the classroom.

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