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We are always looking for talented scientists to join our team. Please contact Dr. Hanley directly to ask about current opportunities. We are looking for students with interests that align with our lab group. Therefore, we strongly suggest reviewing our papers and considering how you would fit in. Although you need no specific experience to join, here are some areas of expertise that are particularly attractive for new recruits.

  • Field experience with wild animals
  • Spectroscopy or photography experience
  • Coding experience
  • Hardware and technical expertise
  • Experience studying evolutionary theory
  • Allied fields: Computer science, cryptography, mathematics, climate modelling, engineering, art (particularly painting), and chemistry

New recruits are encouraged explore options for fellowships and extramural funding.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact me below to learn about various options for pursuing an MSc or PhD in our lab. Feel free to bring your own ideas and passions to the table, or build off what we have been studying.

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